Mario Pergolini joined Grupo Octubre and was harshly punished on Twitter

The Grupo Octubre chose Pergolini to lead the project due to its extensive experience in media management and administration, in addition to his participation as a host and presenter of legendary radio and television programs. In this way, it was arranged that the animator and audiovisual producer be the head of one of the research teams.

This incorporation, however, added rejections from the vast majority of the Twitter users, that as soon as the news broke they were not long in targeting Pergolini, who was questioned having associated with Santa Maria, a politician, businessman, trade unionist and sports leader, who serves as general secretary of the Single Union of Rent and Horizontal Building Workers and chairs the Justicialist Party porteño.

For its part, Migue Granados, who hosted “Últimos Cartuchos” for four seasons with Martín Garabal, He also attacked Pergolini although later, perhaps regretful, he deleted the post. His questioning pointed to the three months’ salary that, according to him, he was owed by the former driver of “Which?” of Rock & Pop.

What is the October Group?

The October Group is a multimedia headed by the general secretary of the Single Union of Rent and Horizontal Buildings (Suterh) and former president of the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party, Victor Santa Maria. The company owns the newspaper Página / 12, the magazines Caras y Caretas, El Planeta Urbano, Diario Z, the Latin America Piensa website, the AM 750, FM Mucha Radio 94.7, FM Aspen 102.3 and Like FM 97.1 radios, the IP channels (Periodical Information), El Nueve and the streaming platform octubretv.

“The 21st century made it clear: never in the history of humanity has so much entertainment been consumed and in so many different formats. A news item is read, seen, heard in multiple ways and by multiple broadcasters ”, they point out from October. “With the idea of ​​trying innovations in such a complex scenario, then, the GO Lab team and Mario Pergolini will seek to develop different forms of connection, technologies, contacts even in the virtual. And tell stories a necessary challenge in that fragmented universe in which forms are sometimes imposed on content ”, they explain.

Migue Granados Pergolini.jpeg

“What happened that Pergolini is TT? Did he pay us the 3 months that he owes us last year?”, he wrote this morning in his personal account @miguegranados. However, and despite the fact that the tweet already had some retweets, quotes and “likes”, decided to delete the post although for an unknown reason. Anyway, the controversy remained on the table.

In the ccomments they made on the bird’s social network they remembered the times when the conductor “I wanted to change the world”, in the words of one user. “Now he wants to change the car”, ended. “Nothing was left of all that rebellion and transgression”, wrote a woman, among many more tweets.

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