Mario Díaz-Balart denounces judicial farce against the protesters of 11J in Cuba

US Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart denounced the trials against the July 11 protesters in Cuba, especially children, as a farce.

The Republican stated that some of those incarcerated, including those being “subjected to sham trials” in various cities on the island, “are kids“.

“Six months after the peaceful protests of #11JCuba, the Cuban dictatorship continues to repress and punish those who dared to bravely demand freedom,” he said in a Twitter thread.

Díaz-Balart stressed that “the cruelty of the regime has revealed not only its malevolence towards the Cuban people,” but “has also highlighted the unwavering courage of Cuba’s many brave pro-democracy activists.”

“They will prevail,” he commented.

Like the congressman, who is a member of the House of Representatives for the 25th congressional district of Florida, this Friday the United States government urged the international community to condemn the repression of the Cuban regime, evidenced in the “false trials more than 200” people for demonstrating on July 11.

The Undersecretary for the Western Hemisphere, Brian A. Nichols, posted on Twitter that the number of Cubans facing these rigged processes has risen to more than 200.

He also denounced that there are political prisoners on the island held in “horrendous conditions” who could be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

At least 600 people remain in Cuban prisons for political reasons, including 14 minors who are being tried for demonstrating and have prosecutorial petitions of up to 18 years in prison.

Cuban-American senator Marco Rubio he said Tuesday that the massive July 11 protests showed that “a new generation of Cubans is tired of the promises of a failed communist revolution.”

In a message about the six months of the social outbreak that shocked all of Cuba in the summer of 2021, Rubio assured that “the cry for freedom is more powerful than the strong arm of a repressive and tyrannical dictatorship.”

In San Antonio de los Baños, where the anti-government demonstrations of the so-called 11J, 17 Cubans have been tried, 53 in Havana, 20 in Mayabeque, 1 in Guanajay, 4 in Isla de la Juventud, 16 in Colón, 16 in Placetas, 16 in Santa Clara, 14 in Camagüey, 21 in Holguín, 14 in Contramaestre, 14 in Palma Soriano, 1 in Santiago de Cuba and 10 in Guantánamo.

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