Marina Calabró explained the "sensible" reason why I would not accept to go to the Pampita program

I have been in for a long time Pampita and Marina Calabró sharp sticks come and go, which are dedicated from their programs. It all started with the column of Marina on Lanata without filter about the TV rating in which she, with a lot of humor, usually laughs at the low measurements of Pampita Online.

Far from laughing at it, Pampa gave it back to the journalist at a very particular moment: when TV Nostra fell off the grid because it remained in the rating basement and, therefore, Crashed he lost his job, like the rest of his peers in the cycle of America.

After that happy little gesture of Pampa, Marina He continued to speak with irony about various issues of model life, as when he questioned very ironic from the radio the decision to give his daughter the same name: Ana. However, none openly admitted that there was a fight.

And good,Marina Calabró would be willing to “measure” in a face to face with Carolina Ardohain, if the model invited her to her show Net TV? No way. Despite the fact that she assured that she lives this rivalry as “a game”, neither crazy would sit in the living room where the other is the queen and lady.

This was made clear in Hold on Catalina, where he explained his reasons: “I would not go to your program because I remember that visit from Nicole Neumann. We all said: ‘Oh! How lovely, Nicole, who received her lovingly in her living room and paid her a tribute in life!’”.

“AND later, Nicole went to Pampita’s living room and, poor thing, she didn’t go away crying because that woman is tanned … “, he pointed in the cycle of The Eleven Ten / Radio of the City. So, the sister of Iliana expressed that she could not bear that treatment from the jury of The academysimply because it is very sensitive.

“But I cry for you! For half of what he told Nicole to her face, I cry for you two days in a row!”, closed, funny. It should be remembered that the visit of the blonde to her historic “rival” on the catwalks was marked by discomfort and several passive-aggressive comments by the host.

“I don’t know if I like Facundo Moyano for you”, was one of the sharp comments of Pampita during the note in which a Nicole She was seen to be quite uncomfortable during the entire time she played as a visitor.

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