Maribel Guardia wears a waistband in a brown sports outfit and it seems that she is not wearing anything

Maribel guard It has shown us that hard and constant exercise can make you look like a marked body like that of the Costa Rican actress Well, even their 62 years old has a figure that does not ask anything of the 20 and of course it is not the product of chance as we already said.

And it is that on more than one occasion Maribel Guardia has shared her secrets to maintain that great body, one of them is a constant exercise routine, in addition to the fact that she has confessed that in any free time she likes to do sit-ups to mark her body.

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Hence, her last publication on her Instagram profile left us with a square eye because we could see her in her personal gym but more than showing off her routine, Maribel Guardia showed us her great body, because we could see how her various muscles are well marked, even the rear.

In addition, the actress of “What a mother so father”He showed us a small tattoo that he has just above the rear area and we were impressed by his small waist, even smaller or equal to Thalía’s, so without a doubt the detail of the tattoo, visually speaking, is a plus.

And for her exercise routine, Maribel Guardia decided to wear a brown sports outfit, which at the moment flows with her dark skin, slightly lighter than clothes, so even María León wrote to her to show off the shape of her body.

Maribel Guardia shines in the Comic Tenorio

Since mid-August, the ex-partner of Joan Sebatian joined the cast of Comedian Tenorio, which was left without Doña Inés because Aylín Mujica decided to leave the work supposedly feigning an express kidnapping and after that he was seen working peacefully in Suelta la Sopa where he still drives.

Because Maribel guard Now she joined the cast and has been well received by her peers, in addition the television host has been doing a lot of promotion of the play, even a few days ago she offered a 30 percent discount at the box office so that more people can go to see it. Act.

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And it is that as described by the beautiful mother of Juliá FigueroaShe has got on very well with Albertano and they give presentations worth seeing, especially since each new “Doña Inés” puts her personal stamp on the character and without a doubt the charisma of Maribel Guardia gives her a unique touch.

Even in recent days Maribel Guardia showed us behind the scenes and what happens in the dressing rooms of the Tenorio Cómico so that more people are encouraged to go to the work that has been on stage for many years and that continues to reap successes.

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