Mariana Seoane poses with nothing at all at 45 but full of self-love

The actress famous Mariana Seoane poses with nothing at all at 45 years old, but full of self-love, because she herself dedicates some emotional words of self-worth that make us reflect on what all women should consider.

Self-love is a path of acceptance and desire to improve what we do not like, as well as Mariana Alejandra Seoane Garcia who proud of herself shares a revealing photograph where she looks natural and with a beautiful smile.

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His most loyal followers of the mexican singer They filled the comment box of their publication on social networks with praiseworthy phrases, while their friends who are also celebrities also wrote beautiful words to Mariana Seoane.

Comedian Arath de la Torre He was sincere and declared to the interpreter of I will be a good girl, “You are beautiful dear friend”, while the actress Sharis Cid He wrote to Mariana Seoane, “Beauty inside and out, great woman, beautiful human being.”

For his part, the singer Carlos Rivera placeholder image also answered the Photo in black and white by Mariana Seoane, “Very beautiful !! We love you very much!” and its fans They were also encouraged and as women have learned that it is better to be united, you can read: “A great example to follow.”

The native of Mexico City, chilanga at heart fulfilled 45 years of age on June 10, however, Mariana Seoane is a clear example that attitude is what does not allow you to grow old and that self-love is the basis to keep you full of energy.

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With long and wavy hair, the protagonist of the Mexican soap opera Rebeca, poses without clothes for the famous photographer Enrique Covarrubias, with whom Mariana Seoane had previously worked, now very al natural he dedicates some emotional words of love.

If you want to see the photograph of Mariana Seoane click HERE.

“This is me at 45 years old, proud to see what I have become as woman, sister, daughter, friend and artist“Mariana Seoane declares on Instagram and just 30 minutes after its publication, more than 100 comments were already listed.

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“This photo is a taste of the study made by my great friend Enrique Covarrubias, one of the best photographers of Mexico“I even recognized the great work of the person who took it without anything at all to Mariana Seoane and the result is wonderful.

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