Margaret Atwood Featured New Stamp

(Ottawa) Canada Post unveiled a new Margaret Atwood stamp on Thursday to mark the 60-year career of the internationally renowned Canadian author, best known for her novel The scarlet maid.

At a press conference in a Toronto library, the subversive and corrosive novelist reacted with humor to what she called an “unexpected honor”, welcoming family and friends, as well as “those who are going to laugh at me. because I am on a stamp ”.

The new Canada Post stamp features a portrait of Margaret Atwood with her eyes closed and one hand against her cheek, with the words “A word after a word after a word is power”. power), a line from his poem Spelling.

The one who is sometimes nicknamed the queen of Canadian literature took advantage of the ceremony to defend causes important to her, notably urging Canadian and American politicians to act on the climate front and to put an end to discrimination based on sex and skin color.

Awarded the Booker Prize in 2000 for The blind killer, translated into 50 languages, she is the author of some forty novels, collections of poetry and critical essays in which she dissects the place of women in society.

Several of his works are adapted for film and television, including the critically acclaimed television series The scarlet maid, which has won several Emmy Awards equivalent to the Oscars of American television.

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