March of 15N: Dissenting Cubans are only protected by the Law of gravity

The response of municipal governments to the playwright Yunior Garcia Aguilera and other promoters of the march of 15N in Cuba, confirms the totalitarian character of the oldest dictatorship in the West because it violates constitutional precepts to act against citizens.

The document delivered to the promoters of the 15N In several provinces it interprets constitutional rights in a way that is not in accordance with the Law, because it classifies as excludable any autonomous action with respect to the designs of the ruling communist party, the only legal one in Cuba.

At the same time, appealing to Article 4 of the current Constitution, it resolves that the civic claims of the 15N conveners are treason against the homeland, placing promoters and citizens outside the nation, labeling them enemies of Cuba and representatives of foreign powers.

With this illegality, the power continues to insult Cubans who disagree with the official line, presenting them as mere instruments of foreign nations, pretending to ignore the real causes of the protest, all legitimate and internal, as demonstrated by the 11J rebellion.

Following the totalitarian logic that inspires the government response to Yunior Garcia and other disgruntled Cubans, the authorities have just created the category of expatriates within the island; expelling them from the Republic and from the law, depriving them of citizen rights.

As if it were not enough, the document -which is identical in content, except in its addressees- invades competences of the National Assembly and the Supreme Court, the only ones empowered for the tasks attributed by municipal governments, in this legal pantomime of subordinates of the biggest violators of rights in Cuba.

When a government violates its own laws it is on the way to perdition, even though it now organizes morning papers and acts of totalitarian reaffirmation to feign popular acclaim for its nonsense.

Have Archipelago, in the response of the Cuban government, the best proof of its sensible political victory in the face of the arbitrariness of a cowed regime, which tramples on its own laws because they no longer serve to intimidate Cubans.

October 12, 2021 will go down in Cuban history as an example of injustice, which will shame more than one jurist imbued with the ethics that must regulate government actions, as a safeguard of the nation.

When a government acts outside the law, it only recognizes great weakness; and the Díaz-Canel executive is the worst possible for the worst moment in Cuba, to the absurdity of believing that he faces discontent due to poverty and inequality, when he is faced with a huge political challenge, only solvable with freedom and democracy.

Yunior García and his companions act subject to the law and inspired by the preaching of honor of Rafael María de Mendive, Ignacio Agramonte and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes; while its repressors are continuists of Fidel and Raúl Castro Ruz, who violated the law from the first shot in the Moncada and shot Cubans twisting judicial sentences.

11J marked the army’s premiere in popular repression and the debut of President Díaz-Canel as instigator of a civil war between Cubans; and now they seek a legal ruse to contain the just anger of citizens committed to the nation.

We already knew that the anti-Cuban dictatorship is afraid. Now we have verified that they act sloppily, confusing what is important with their urgencies, as mediocre people persuaded of an imaginary invincibility by the childish handsomeness that gives them away.

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