Mantras to improve your life and get rid of stress

Daily routines can generate a lot you are in people, especially since confinement and the home office have saturated people with more activities that they must combine with their housework, but getting rid of that feeling of physical tension is not always easy.

However, stress is a condition that can occur under various circumstances and that is why it is worth trying various techniques to reduce it, this will help you lead a healthier and more relaxed life, that is why Panterita , therapist and spiritual guide share some mantras that you can try.

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Well, according to the specialist with these mantras you will feel a sense of well-being, which is especially important during stressful moments of the day to day; in addition to spiritual and mental strength because you will have a positivist vision and that will help to unblock emotions and chakras.

Another of the benefits that mantras offer to reduce stress is that they allow you to have greater depth in moments of introspection, so that experiences that were previously classified as negative become teachings.

Especially because if you repeat mantras periodically allow you to focus your energy on what you want to manifest And of course it will also reduce accumulated stress, giving you a better quality of life.


I love and accept myself, I am perfect as I am

When you learn to love and accept the external and internal qualities that make us unique, it is when you begin to make the best decisions for your life, since personal worth is taken into account, and you begin to really consider what it is. better for us.

Mantras to improve your life and get rid of stress PHOTO: FREEPIK

I flow with life, everything is as it should be

It is about accepting changes and the natural movement of life. Obsessing over something or someone does not allow things to flow, which creates energy blocks that stop important aspects related to work, relationships and the flow of money. On the other hand, the chakras, centers of spiritual energy, are negatively affected by not flowing.


Probably the best known mantra, and although there is no concrete translation of its meaning, since many mantras of Hindu or Buddhist origin do not have it, it represents tranquility and wisdom, which is why it is one of the most used during meditation sessions. , moment in which it is more advisable to vocalize it; In doing so, the color white, which represents it, can be brought to mind.

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I am an abundant being and I am surrounded by love

This mantra can be used when there is a perceived stagnation in relationships or when money is lacking. “The key is to relax, take a deep breath, get mental and say this phrase calmly, emphasizing each syllable and with the greatest concentration and tranquility possible. A fundamental aspect is to believe it, that way we can receive everything we need. Remember, you are surrounded by love, because you are love ”, recommends Panterita.

Everything flows from me, for me and through me

This mantra represents bliss, and helps us not focus on ambition or excessive desire for power, in turn it can motivate us to be more generous with others and feel more grateful for the material possessions we already have.

Mantras to improve your life and get rid of stress PHOTO: FREEPIK

With the habit of pronouncing or mentalizing mantras or affirmations, a positive vibe will begin to be experienced, which will lead us to see the difficulties from another perspective. It will be the beginning of a transformation that leads to spiritual balance.

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