Mane Sweet jokes on his Instagram with a meme for the new schedule of ‘Who is the mask?’

It all came about, since ‘Who is the mask?’, was affected in its normal time slot, by the Turkish series ‘Doctor Miracle’.

Maria Elena Swett, better known as Mane Swett, is a juror on the Chilevisión program, Who is the mask?, and because they changed the broadcast schedule of this one, the actress joked with a meme in her stories of Instagram.

First he shared a Reel in which he commented “Chapter 6 season 3 is coming” of the program and added “What time? Only God knows”.

Then he posted, also in his stories, a referential image of God where he is seen confused.

Here are the screenshots:


It all came about, since Who is the mask?, was affected in its normal schedule, by the Turkish series “Doctor Miracle”.

This was broadcast at another time of day, but because of its good rating I take primetime at 10:30 p.m..

And the show ran to midnight. Nevertheless, last Monday it started around 00:00 hours and on Tuesday it started almost at 00:30.

Chilevision program

Who is the mask? is the Chilean version of “King of Mask Singer”, originally from South Korea.

This is driven by Julian Elfelbein and has four juries, the actor Christian Riquelme, the journalist Macarena Pizarro, the actress Maria Elena Sweet and also a journalist Christian Sanchez.

Currently the program is in its third season, in each one they present 12 celebrities who should be dressed up and singing. While the jury takes on the role of ‘investigators’ and They must guess who is behind the mask.

So far they have discovered half of the famous, which are: Victor ‘Zafrada’ Diaz, the actor Benjamin Vicuna, football player Mark González, the journalist Macarena Tondreau, the entertainer Leo Caprile and the comedian mauritius flowers.

For what follows in competition Guagua, Abuelo, Hood, Black Rabbit, Cleogata and Lechuza, these characters will be revealed in the following programs that air from Sunday to Wednesday.

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