Manager of Simas Torreón denies alleged ‘financial bankruptcy’ of the organization, El Siglo de Torreón

The general manager of Simas Torreón, Juan José Gómez, denied this Thursday the comments made from sectors of public opinion regarding an alleged financial “bankruptcy” of the body he presides, this in the context of the closure of administration and change of government .

Interviewed by the media explained that the debt that will be left to the next municipal administration will not exceed 200 million pesosIn addition, it will be comparable to the one received from the administration of the then mayor Miguel Riquelme.

As the main reason for this, he cited the historical debts that are with the National Water Commission (Conagua) and with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), which have had to be negotiated during the current administration to avoid a greater financial burden and other operational consequences to the direct detriment of the service to the citizenry.

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“The liabilities will close well, It will close similar to how it was delivered (PRI), with a liability of perhaps 150 or 170 million pesos, it must be considered that there are liabilities that were not considered in the previous administration, we have just fixed a problem with the National Water Commission of 225 million pesos, for non-payment for extraction rights and for fines in the treatment plant, it has already been settled, it has been negotiated with them, there was a negotiation… So these are liabilities that were not registered and we have just fixed them ”.

He pointed out that, especially the issue with Conagua, will provide better operational certainty to Simas Torreón in the coming months, since there is already a payment agreement established with the representatives of the federal agency, it will be possible to access programs with special resources in which the service to citizens can be improved.

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“We had four years that we could not participate in the CNA programs and now with this arrangement that we made the company is healthy, without any liabilities and this will give the opportunity for all the programs that CNA has, since they can participate in them. … Complement (solid) everything that has been done, because it has been done precisely from the savings we have had and the profits that have been collected in the companySo I think this is what talks about how Simas is, how it is going to be and what is going to be delivered ”.

It was during this week that the mayor of Torreón, Jorge Zermeño, also defended the work carried out at Simas during the current administration, also described as an “infamy” the version that those who warn of an alleged “financial bankruptcy” of the body and heading to the change of administration, argued that these are false versions and that they have their origin in the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

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