Man with electronic anklet is arrested in the act for drug trafficking in Curitiba

A man was arrested in the act for the crime of drug trafficking this Monday (10), in the Boqueirão neighborhood, in Curitiba. According to the police, 170 ecstasy pills, R$1,000 and dozens of packages were seized.

Monitored by an electronic anklet, the suspect already has passages for the same crime, according to information from the Military Police.

Photo: Cristiano Vaz / Band B

The suspect still had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was sent to the Flagrant Center.

Couple arrested in downtown Curitiba

A man and a woman, both approximately 20 years old, were also arrested on Monday night (10) for the crime of drug trafficking. The arrest took place on Travessa Nestor de Castro, in downtown Curitiba.

“The team was returning to the base to finish the workday when they saw an individual with a handmade cigarette in his hand and, as we approached him to approach him, he fled”, began agent Mazeika, from the Municipal Guard (GM).

Photo: Cristiano Vaz / Band B

After pursuit, the suspect was approached and searched, the agent said. With him, guards found marijuana, 132 crack rocks and 40 marijuana pins. Some of the drug was hidden in a sock, according to GM.

The suspect’s companion was also detained while trying to “defend” him, Mazeika explained.

“When we gave him a voice of arrest [suspeito], his wife appeared to defend him. When we did a superficial search in her pockets, we found money in exchanged notes, which could be related to drug trafficking”, he concluded.

The couple was taken to the Flagrant Center.

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