With no news about the identity of the victim, the investigation for a murder in Melipilla continues. The individual died of five shots to the head.

The Homicide Brigade and the Criminalistics Laboratory of the PDI They continue to investigate the murder that was discovered this morning in Melipilla.

It is about a man approximately 25 years old, who was found tied by the hands with his shoelace, on the side of the Route G-60, variant towards Lake Rapel.

The individual was shot, apparently in the same place, since according to police sources he had five headshots. Meanwhile, around his body they found 13 bullet casings.

Commissioner Macarena Sepúlveda briefly pointed out that the individual would be of foreign nationality and that his fingerprints were lifted to identify him, because he did not carry documents.

Although, it transpired that the tattoos that the victim had in order to come up with a name.

To this will be added the review of a security camera from the Autopista del Sol that leads towards the area of ​​the discovery, to see if clues can be obtained from him or the perpetrators of the crime.