Maite Perroni told the truth about her supposed pregnancy

Rebelde was one of the great youth successes of Mexican television. The telenovela transmitted by Televisa and based on the original idea of ​​Cris Morena opened the door to each of its protagonists, one of them was Maite Perroni.

It’s hard to take off “Lupita”, the innocent adolescent who walked the corridors of the Elite Way School, of the woman that today we see in big and played productions like “Dark Wish” (Netflix).

Admit that perroni He is in a great moment of his career and that his spark has not faded over the years. The actress knew how to reap many great successes throughout her career and is now exploring a new facet, that of a producer.

In addition, this was a very busy year in terms of his personal life, since last May he separated from Koko Stambuk, who was his partner for the last eight years, and on October 20 announced his new romance, with producer Andrés Tovar.

“We have been friends for 20 years and this year we found that we were living the same process: each one was in mourning for having ended a romantic relationship”, Perroni wrote on his account Instagram.

That announcement defected countless criticisms on social networks against Maite, since they accused her of being the third in discord in the separation of The goods with Claudia Martin.

And in the last hours, the new romance of the actress generated new speculations, after the sayings of Jorge Carbajal and El Filip in Producer 69.

The journalists assured that the also singer and Tovar would be in the sweet waiting and that they would officially announce it in a few days and through an interview in a well-known magazine.

“… Maite stops, takes off her dressing gown and when she takes off her dressing gown, little sisters, the paunch comes out, it’s not that big yet but she already brings her pregnant belly, she already brings it”, assured Carbajal.

However, far from being silent, the actress came out to speak about it and told the whole truth about the alleged pregnancy.

In dialogue with local media, the former RBD He denied it: “It is not true and the day that happens I will be the first to share it because it would be a blessing and I would be the happiest woman in the world, but everything has its time, everything has its moment and now it is not like that” .

What’s more, Love she was very upset with the false news. “This is again a consequence of irresponsible information shared by the media from a person saying that they have the truth of things when they do not even know who you are”, he trusted.

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