Maite Perroni clarifies rumors and explains whether or not she expects a baby

After the actress Maite Perroni confirmed her romance with the producer Andres Tovar, all kinds of comments and rumors have arisen around the couple, one of them and perhaps the strongest so far is that the Mexican actress could be waiting baby and hence the decision to make their romance known.

This theory has also been fed by Mhoni Vidente who affirms that Maite Perroni is either pregnant or is nowhere to be achieved, so she has announced that it is possible that by 2022 she will 38-year-old actress opens as a mother, something that has generated divided opinions on the matter.

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That is why the former RBD decided to clarify the matter and in an interview with the media reported that the rumors that you are expecting baby are unfoundedAs she stated, the moment that happens she will be the first to share it because for her having a child is a blessing.

After that, the media representatives insisted that their refusal to confirm the news could be due to the fact that they had already sold the exclusive to a specific magazine, so the actress from “Dark desire“He denied again that he is expecting a baby and that he has sold the exclusive.

So, despite the rumors that run on the internet where users claim that they saw Maite Perroni in a beauty salon and a prominent belly was noticeable, supposedly several months pregnant, the Mexican actress has categorically denied that this is true.

In addition, she spoke that she does not care that people keep talking about her and criticizing her because she explained that she is not interested in what others say about her, because she knows who she is and is focused on enjoying this new stage in her life next to your partner and with your work projects.

Maite Perroni promotes Mexican designers

During the same interview, Maite Perroni urged to consume mexican designs and remarked that our country has a lot of talent, that is why she always dresses as Mexican designers for each of her projects and covers, for example, during the interview she wore a design of Alfredo Martinez.

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But he remarked that although Alfredo has an incredible collection, he is not the only one with talent, but there is also Lorena Sarabia and many other people from whom she regularly buys clothes or outfits to be able to look on the red carpets or at important events. those he attends.

Hence, Maite Perroni said that it is true that her outfit complements it with other brands that may not even be Mexican, but she tries to wear Mexican brand clothing at important events to promote “local consumption”.

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