Magistrate Guerra Álvarez is presiding over the PJCDMX

Magistrate Rafael Alvarez War registered as a candidate for the presidency of the Judicial Branch of Mexico City (PJCDMX) for the period from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2025, and the appointment was accompanied by many of his peers, at the opening of the registration period before the First Secretary of Agreements.

Acting President of the capital’s judicial body, Guerra Álvarez left the morning of this Tuesday, October 12, from the building of the Judicial City, where he usually dispatches, to meet the first stop in the march in pursuit of a new period at the head of one of the largest courts in the world.

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At the registry headquarters, the Niños Héroes 150 building, also located in the Judicial City, more magistrates (more than 30), Counselors and Counselors of the Judiciary, and also personnel from different areas of the institution were waiting for him, in what was translated as a gesture of support for his management.

Once inside the building, he unexpectedly faced more workers, judges, magistrates and even the leader of the majority union, Diego Valdez.

Guerra Álvarez improvised a short speech; He expressed his appreciation to the workers of the institution, whom he considered the sustenance of the Judicial Power, and who also made it clear that he is going for the consolidation of the projects that are advancing in his administration.

The Judicial Power depends on you, said the magistrate, dressed in a black job, a white shirt and a cherry tie.

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It was then that the voice of the union leader resounded, making its way among those present, to express to the magistrate the support, he said, of the majority union, for bringing together some 7,000 of the institution’s workers.

Guerra further lightened the spontaneous moment of support for his candidacy by recalling that he also belonged to the union. Still, he joked, I have my credential, and they keep deducting my fee; laughter was heard from those present.

The acting president advanced to the registry office, delivered the corresponding documentation, which was sealed, and in that capacity showed it to those present, with the conviction of having fulfilled the first requirement of this career for the presidency of the Judicial Power , which is decided next Wednesday 27 with the votes to be cast by 79 magistrates, including him, in public session.


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