Madile reported that her identity was stolen to try to commit scams

For some months, Salta has suffered a wave of cybercrimes, many people reported that they impersonated them to ask their contacts for money and seek, in some way, to scam them. This time, the victim was Dario Madile, President of the Deliberative Council of Salta.

“I find out from the President of the Jujuy Deliberative Council who told me that they sent him a message with my profile picture, saying that I had changed my number. They began to chat with him through WhatsApp, as if it were me, they ended up asking him for money, saying that he had dollars at a low cost. This caught his attention and he contacted me. The same with various officials, “said Madile in dialogue with Get informed.

“What they did was steal the identity more than anything. It’s crazy, but it’s a mechanism they’re using, A friend told me that they were asking him for $ 2000 in exchange for $ 100, that he was asking for dollars, which had very cheap dollars, “he added.

Dario Madile

Taking advantage of the public figure of Dario Madile, apparently, they would have obtained some information about him and a photo downloaded from the Internet. The official was very concerned and did not hesitate to comment that he had already made the complaint at the 1st Police Station., “More than anything to alert society, not to scam them.”

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