Macri revealed details about his meeting with Cristina Kirchner in 2015

Under tJuntos por el Cambio riunfo in the legislative elections STEP, the former president of the Nation, Mauricio MacriHe mentioned that it is necessary to say “enough” to Kirchnerism and that society is willing to do so. In addition, he gave details regarding the meeting he had with Cristina Kirchner, before the transfer of mandate in 2015.

After the rumors that Cristina had given him various warnings, Macri pointed to Radio Rivadavia that “It was an unhappy meeting, but at no time did he threaten me or propose anything strange.”

As for the prospects of Together for the Change of face to 2023, he indicated: “Today, for me the priority is unity and forming leaders, all priests want to be popes, the problem is not having many leaders, but having clear values ​​and then people choose who are the leaders they want.”

Together for Change held a successful PASO election.

Before the consultation on a possible support to the president Alberto Fernandez Faced with the probable loss of power of the president in the face of Kirchnerism, he stated: “First they must recognize that they took a lost course and bring on the table a complete plan based on freedom of expression, equality before the law, and if they bring those sensible proposals We are going to be supporting, Together for Change (JxC) has the will to dialogue, but basic things are discussed, such as whether or not to open a school ”.

Also, in relation to the results of the elections, he added: “I liked the phrase of Elisa Carrió who said that (the vote for JxC) was the rebellion of the poor, and I am convinced that in November this rebellion will happen in an even greater proportion ”. And, on the other hand, he referred to the revelation candidate of the City of Buenos Aires, Javier Milei“I agree with your ideas of freedom, of equality, of being,” he concluded.

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