Macri returns to the country to testify, but before he made a stopover in Brazil

Former President Mauricio Macri began his return to the country from the US, to appear to testify on October 20, in the case that investigates illegal espionage tasks on relatives of crew members of the submarine ARA San Juan.

The PRO leader made a political stopover in Brazil before returning to Argentina, from where he declared that he is working in the union of the opposition, facing the presidential elections of 2023 and that after the November 14 elections, the country will leave behind “populism and lies.”

The summons of the PRO leader to attend to give an investigatory statement before the surrogate judge of Dolores Martín Bava had twists and turns: it was public that the ex-president was in the United States, but the notification card could not be delivered in any of the fixed addresses .

Macri is accused of having ordered the illegal espionage of the relatives of the 44 crew members of the submarine ARA San Juan, which imploded and sank at the end of 2017.

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