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(In context: The presence of Afro women in Colombian politics)

For Lara, the biggest problem in the country is inequality, classism and racism that exclude ethnic populations and expose them to hunger and violence.

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How is the campaign progressing?What do you say to those who criticize you for the leap from journalism to politics?What was the compelling reason to say yes to New Liberalism (NL)?

Mabel Lara will be number one on the New Liberalism Senate list.

You, an Afro woman, are the head of the list, like Yolanda Perea, who makes it up. The Afro community has always fought for these spaces but now they are gaining more space for representation…However, while the representation of women and ethnic communities has been seen in the lists for Congress, this is not the case with the candidates for the presidency. In the Hope Center Coalition, to which the NL belongs, there is no woman…

It is very difficult to be a woman and go into politics. Our private life, our interests, how expensive it is to do politics, almost make us get bored and put this aside as if this were not for us. I am a mother, a wife, I am on the campaign trail talking to people and I am aware of whether my son has already eaten, of the task he has pending, and one ends up in these battles, especially women, putting us aside in the exercise of the public because what happens is that we obviously privilege our families in the face of this public service work. For us it is more difficult.

What was, on the other hand, the ethical or political reason why you entered the NL?

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In case of reaching a seat in Congress, what will be the first initiative that you will promote?You have made several complaints about the Pacific region, in Cauca, Buenaventura. Will your work be focused on this area?

It is not possible that a child born in a department like Chocó has 8 chances of being poorer than one born in Bogotá. And if so, why haven’t we attacked this problem that repeats itself year after year? Here there is an inequity that was stuck in the bowels of the country. This also happens because of a lack of leadership but also because of classism and racism, because they don’t care about the lives of black people, that doesn’t matter to anyone.

– Mabel Lara and Caterine Ibargüen: two Afro women head lists for the Senate

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