Luz y Fuerza has the go-ahead to complete the construction of 162 homes

By Pablo Andrés Alvarez / [email protected]

After 12 years of struggles and permanent negotiations, the Luz y Fuerza de Bahía Blanca union will be able to finish, with the construction of 162 homes, the Juan Domingo Perón neighborhood, of which 160 were inaugurated and delivered in 2011.

Last Tuesday an agreement was signed for the continuity of the project, which will require an investment of more than 800 million pesos.

The signing was carried out in conjunction with the National Habitat Secretariat, where the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat agreed to finance the works within the framework of the “Reconstruir” program.

“The truth is that we are very happy. We have been behind this project for more than 12 years and today we can say that we are ready to start with the construction of the second part of our union neighborhood, ”said Rubén Darío Bettinotti, general secretary of the local union, which is based in Sarmiento 364 .

The 162 homes will be included between Baigorria, Pilcaniyen, Haiti and Salinas Chicas and Dorbigny, Pilcaniyen, Bouchard and Patagones streets.

“It is the continuity of a project that for several years was paralyzed and that we have managed to unblock thanks to enormous management. Jorge Ferraresi (Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of the Nation) gave us a great hand, as did Mazziotti ”, said the union member.

The project, called “Completion of 162 homes plus infrastructure in the Luz y Fuerza neighborhood – Stage II”, is scheduled to begin in mid-November, with a work period of 180 days.

“The first part of the project, consisting of 160 homes, was inaugurated in 2011,” recalled Bettinotti.

At that time, President Cristina Fernández inaugurated it by teleconference, since she could not travel to the city due to the ashes of the Puyehue volcano.

“And 162 were pending, which were tendered in 2015, but could not be built due to a problem with the construction companies, which were from Buenos Aires and argued that they could not carry out the work if the costs were not updated. From there, they were all pale, until we got to this point, ”said Bettinotti.

The agreement highlights that the Habitat Secretariat will transfer a total of $ 822,548,876.86 as financial assistance for the completion of the works and will be executed under the management modality by selection of co-contractor.

“Now we are updating the entire administrative aspect, since we have had the construction project for more than 10 years. That benefited us a lot to get approval ”.

The houses have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen-dining room. They are about 57 square meters.

“The design is the same as the duplexes that we already delivered in the first stage. Obviously there is a very great need, so we will have no problem assigning them. ”

And he added: “There are many affiliates who have been registered for 20 years. Now we will have to see the individual situation, because surely more than one, in this period, must have already built on their own and no longer have the need to join this plan. Ultimately, it will be the Housing Institute who will assign the quotas, according to their requirements. ”

The lands were acquired at the time by the union and then, as established by law, they were transferred to the Housing Institute.

“That part has already been done for many years. The intention is that the neighborhood generates labor at the local level. And the construction company would be from our city. We believe that around 70 workers’ unions will participate in the construction of this neighborhood, ”the union member closed.

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