Luvias leave havoc and road accidents in Torreón

Road accidents, flooded areas and vehicle disorder in various cruise ships was the balance of the rain that was registered during this Wednesday morning in the urban area of ​​Torreón, municipal authorities stressed that despite these situations the operation could be deployed “regularly” of rain contingencies in various parts of the municipality.

It was minutes after 07:00 hours that the first rainfall began to be recorded in the urban area of ​​Torreón, despite the fact that it was a fall without so much rainfall, crews from Simas Torreón, Civil Protection and Public Services were immediately deployed Municipal in neighborhoods and crossroads of the South, East and Center of the city, especially in those points where floods and floods of greater importance are traditionally registered.

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On behalf of the Simas Torreón, it was reported that efforts were focused on cleaning sewers, storm drains and other collectors of the garbage that accumulates daily, elements that block the passage of rainwater and generate floods; Of these tasks, it was reported that roads such as Francisco Sarabia boulevard, Constitución boulevard, Independencia, Rodríguez Triana, Abastos road, Juárez extension, as well as some crossroads of the Diagonal Las Fuentes and Laguna Sur were served.

On the part of Civil Protection, de-silting work was carried out at the junction of the peripheral and almost the El Campesino bridge, a site where rainwater usually concentrates and that affects the lateral passage of the peripheral in the direction from north to south.

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By 12:00 noon, Simas Torreón indicated that there were still some points with flooding, especially in the peripheral area itself, on Constitución Boulevard and Rodríguez Street, among others; In all cases there was no rainwater entry into the homes or the need for greater mobilization by the authorities.

For its part, the Traffic and Roads Directorate reported that various road mishaps occurred, especially in the period from 08:00 to 11:00, most of the accidents were registered due to speeding and wet pavement, this on roads such as the periphery, Boulevard Revolución and on the Torreón-Matamoros highway.

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On the part of Civil Protection, it was detailed that the immediate attention alert will remain the rest of the week and regardless of the fact that greater rainfall is forecast in the urban area.

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