Lupita Jones shows off how to wear elegant dresses like a Miss Universe

The Mexican Lupita Jones reveals once again the way to wear the more elegant dresses Like a whole Miss Universe, even next to Andrea Meza and Débora Hallal, she enhances her unique beauty that is not overshadowed by anyone.

Maria Guadalupe Jones Garay Known as Lupita Jones, she is the first representative of Mexico to achieve the highest world beauty title, in 1991 she was crowned Miss Universe.

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On more than one occasion, the one born in Mexicali has shared photographs on social networks with the most beautiful elegant dresses that are ideal for any event where you have to look very sophisticated, be it a wedding in Acapulco or the coronation of the new Universal Mexican.

Lupita Jones ran as a candidate for governor of Baja California and in campaign it was the only occasion in so many years that she lost the glamor only wearing jeans and a white long sleeve blouse with your name and the logo of your political party.

But once he did not achieve his goal, he immediately returned to lead the contest Universal Mexican already pose with the most inspiring dresses like the burnt gold color with a V neckline that was very revealing.

Lupita Jones boasts the way to wear elegant dresses like a Miss Universe. Photo: Special

Or how about the occasion that Simon Charaf Medina’s wife posed majestically with a ivory dress full of brilliants and ultra baggy sleeves, with all the inspiration of mermaids, Lupita Jones wore a spectacular train.

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With a very romantic touch, the actress and writer although most of them prefer to overflow sensuality like the occasion that a royal blue dress, also with its mermaid cut, his favorite

Lupita Jones boasts the way to wear elegant dresses like a Miss Universe. Photo: Special

The most elegant color full of sparkles has also been a very special look by Luipia Jones, thus showing off a black dress but with transparencies, one of the latest fashions among celebrities like the Miss Universe 1991.

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One of the dresses that fill Simón Charaf Jones’ mother with a special shine, it is the golden color with embroidery, with a very Victorian wave and feathers on the chest as well as a corset that adjusts her entire figure. Lupita Jones is undoubtedly the Queen of the Night.

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