Luis Juez had no mercy and charged Javier Milei for the draw for his salary

The Cordovan national senator Luis Judge He harshly criticized the raffle carried out by Javier Milei in Mar del Plata, where he handed over his $ 205,000 allowance as a national deputy through a raffle system that had more than 1,000,000 registrants and which, in addition, will be repeated monthly. There, Judge He qualified his actions as “humiliating behavior”.

“With the misery and need there is. It doesn’t help him and exposes people. In a country where 50% do not have a job, that I believe that because I have a public salary I am going to raffle it and from there see what I do, I dindt like it at all“, Launched the senator in dialogue with CNN.

He also mentioned that he also donated his salary, but without making it public. “I have been in politics for many years and all my life I have shared my salary and nobody found out. I can give you name and surname and ID where it goes ”, he commented.

Later, he argued: “I have no pejorative assessment against Javier, but I find it humiliating behavior. It is not a matter of government or opposition but of human conduct. “

Javier Milei in the draw for his salary in Mar del Plata.

On the other hand, he mentioned the questioned trip to the Caribbean of the head of PAMI, Luana Volnovich. In that sense, he said that “everyone has the right to take vacations where they want” and that “what this does is demonstrate the double standard that have the guys who are categorical, merciless, forceful and inflexible with the enemy, but when it is their turn they run to the left, they want to ridicule you and they look for the return so that you feel like a bad person, a bad Argentine, a bad taxpayer and bad citizen ”.


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