Luis Juez did not keep anything and launched strong accusations against the national government

The national deputy and candidate for senator for Córdoba, Luis Judge, charged against the national government and compared Peronism with the Gestapo, the secret police of the Nazi State, stating that they use the same strategy to obtain votes.

“The enemy is the one who is on his knees, the one who is paving while he has 115 thousand dead, the one who has 20 million Argentines under the poverty line. It is not Mario Negri nor the internal of Cambiemos. The enemy is the one who closed your schools and gave Dylan more face-to-face classes than our children, “he said. Judge a Radio Rivadavia.

Likewise, the legislator alluded to Indio Solari’s recent support for Interior Minister Wado de Pedro, and was ironic about it. “They are these guachos who believe that because Indio Solari throws you a tweet people, they are all thermos heads and they are going to vote for you. Those who believe that Cristina Kirchner’s judicial agenda is the people’s agenda and that is what we are going to face on November 14, “he said.

And I add: “Kirchnerism if it wins goes for everything and if it loses it goes for everything. Because of Cristina’s agenda, which is the judicial agenda, the rest do not matter to them. Now a festival of subsidies, of plans, of multiplying effects is going to come as if people were stupid. The people of is not stupid, in 40 or 50 days we are not going to talk about education, how we improve the educational matrix, what we do with the tax issue, how we allow SMEs to hire and employ “.

Luis Juez won the internship from Mario Negri in Córdoba and will be a candidate for senator.

On the other hand, the controversial politician made a comparison between Kirchnerism and the secret police of Nazism. “In some places the Gestapo will act, they are going to start roll call. They are going to get heavy, intense. I say this because I know what I am talking about, they will start to review: ‘Who do you think you are, who gave you the right to make decisions, why did it occur to you that you could not vote for us’. Now they are going to go find them all, “he wielded.

And he concluded: “Probably Cristina, which disgusts the barons of the suburbs, now he is going to give them all the power. The guys must be saying to him: ‘See, you wanted your son to make the list with his friends. Well, look at what moves your son’s friends. ‘ You have to ask people to hold out, it’s 60 days. “

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