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Luis Díaz is a common name in Colombia, anyone is called Luis Díaz, but in the world of soccer it already has resonance. In Europe, to say Luis Díaz is to speak of a footballer who intrigues, because he has exciting football, a game of tricks. There they talk about him with the certainty that they are facing a dazzling, different player. A Diaz who is daring, who does not hide on the field. A Luis who throws chalacas even to Brazil. In Portugal, where he has played since 2019, they do not doubt that his season is special. There are those who say that he is the best footballer in the Portuguese league, and even in the Champions League.

And he is such a simple Luis Díaz, such a person, so quiet. A friendly, shy Díaz. A Díaz who only explodes on the field, where he is still silent, but where he is willing to invent plays that make noise: his football is always a novelty. But we were going in that it is very simple, a Díaz who does not live in controversy.

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Luis Diaz

Luis Díaz celebrates in Portugal.

John ‘Pocillo’ Díaz, a former soccer player and coach, was one of the first in Luis’ career. She came to know him in 2015, at the first National Championship of Indigenous People. Even today, six years later, she remembers him arriving behind her father, with his fragile little walk, his innocent look, as if fearful. Pocillo and Carlos el ‘Pibe’ Valderrama were in charge of defining an indigenous Colombian Selection. And there was Díaz, or the Fideo, and of course if in the first ball he already left them speechless.

“That skinny from the beginning was ungainly, malnourished, but he had interesting things, he played forward and never raised his head, but when it came to dribbling and having the ball at his feet he was very fast, and of course, we chose him” , El Pocillo tells EL TIEMPO, and relates that when he arrived in Bogotá he came in shorts and a skeleton, because he did not know what the weather was like. They had to go out to get her clothes.

In that Indigenous America Cup, which was in Chile, Díaz scored 7 goals in total; Colombia was runner-up, and he played so well that a team in Arica wanted to keep him. Pocillo says that the Indigenous Organization did not leave him and Barranquilla FC had already seen him. It was when it passed into the hands of coach Arturo Reyes, today Junior’s coach.

With him we had doubts from the medical point of view due to his physical issue and the answer he could deliver. There was talk of malnutrition and not having the muscle to support a South American

Luis Diaz

Diaz’s celebration in the Champions League.

Today, without a doubt, he is the great figure of the League in Portugal and one of the best in the Champions League. I think it will not be possible to stay in Portugal after the end of the season

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His clause to leave Porto is 80 million euros, and his market value goes up. It is already in the sights of several clubs, it has sounded for Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Newcastle … A journalist who follows Porto closely is José Miguel Machado, from the newspaper Record, and is also surprised. “He is considered, more or less unanimously, the best player in Portugal today. Game after game, in the league and in the Champions League, he makes great performances and shows his ability to be decisive. We have to enjoy it while we can because the jump to a more prominent championship should be soon. It will be what it wants and it will play where it wants. FC Porto will earn a lot of money with him ”, he says.

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