Lucio Álvarez points to the Dakar with clear objectives


Lucio Álvarez and the Spanish Armand Monleón aim for the Dakar 2022

“I’m very happy having made the podium again after winning in Kazakhstan. They are very good races to prepare for the Dakar in search of the goal that is power improve what I did in the previous Dakar“acknowledged Lucio Álvarez, who at 44 has an ambitious goal.

“The best location I had was a 5th place and improve it, the truth is that it is not easy because the level of both drivers and vehicles is very high “, recognized the Mendoza pilot who will race next year his eighth Dakar, after 4 years of his last participation.


Lucio Álvarez had a great performance with the Toyota Hilux

Lucio Álvarez had a great performance with the Toyota Hilux

“In the two races this year I think the best we are having was consistency on a day-to-day basis, which is a fundamental aspect in this type of event. We hope we can keep her in the Dakar to be close to the top every day and represent in the best way both Argentina and Mendoza“, completed saying the best Argentine in the Rally of Morocco.

Lucio Álvarez in the Dakar

  • 2010: abandonment in quadricycles.
  • 2011: I arrive 15 in cars on a Subaru.
  • 2012: excelled with the Toyota Hilux of the Overdrive and was 5th. being the best Argentine in cars.
  • 2013: it was 10mo. also with Toyota and the Overdrive team
  • 2014: got in a Ford Ranger and culminated 22°.
  • 2015: defected at the wheel of an Overdrive Team Toyota.
  • 2018: with the Hilux it was 10mo. in the general of the last Dakar raced in South America.
  • Did not compete in 2019, 2020 and 2021

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