Luciana Milessi met Julián Álvarez: the photo at River’s title celebrations that went viral

This Thursday, River was consecrated Champion of the Professional Soccer League. The millionaire thrashed Racíng 4 to 0, in a monumental stadium full, and finally, Marcelo Gallardo, achieved one of the titles that still lacked. In that sense, another person who also achieved what he longed for was the young tiktoker Luciana Milessi.

The influencer went viral a few months ago after confessing her fanaticism for Julian Alvarez, the great figure of this River Champion. At the time made him a hot proposal on the controversial Elo Podcast, in the preview of the superclassic against Boca.

After the great performance of Álvarez in that important game, where scored two goalsMany supporters of the millionaire pointed out that his message “motivated” the footballer to give his best performance and became a kind of “symbol” or “cabal”. More considering that the River player has 17 goals in 18 games.

That is why in the preview of the meeting that could define the First Division championship, the young woman from Chaco did not want to miss it. This is how he had confirmed days ago that he did to be at the Monumental stadium, encouraging his team and mainly his idol.

Milessi herself was sharing different moments of the match against Racing on her social networks. In addition, the “Spider” did not disappoint and converted one of the goals of the win against the “Academy” and the young woman did not hide her happiness for it.

The long-awaited photo between Luciana Milesi and Julián Álvarez that went viral on social networks.

Later, in the middle of the celebrations of the millionaire players, the popular tikoker was able to enter the playing field and meet him in person. In addition, he was able to portray that moment. After that expected meeting, a photo of both was known and it quickly went viral.

In this context, the publication received various comments. Some “thanked” the young woman for the River championship. Meanwhile, others went further and they speculated about what happened after the girl finally got to meet the player of the Argentine National Team.

Finally, the influencer herself finished celebrating the millionaire’s title well into the early hours of this Friday. This was recognized in his account Twitter. “I’m going to sleep, the happiest day of my life thanks for so much river and you”, he stressed.

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