Luciana Fuster celebrates her birthday with Patricio Parodi at Disney | Instagram | Shows

Luciana Fuster continues to celebrate his 23rd birthday in the company of Patricio Parodi and other friends in the United States. Apparently, the party held in one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Miami would not have been enough to entertain the model, since on their social networks they published different photographs in which you can see how much fun they are having in the magical world of Disney.

The reality guys shared their walk through this place through their Instagram stories, where the influencer looks very happy posing for snapshots. After that, “Pato” uploaded a short video singing the traditional “Happy birthday”, while she applauded with a big smile on her face.

But that’s not all, Parodi took advantage of one of the publications to send a tender message to the model. , wrote. “You have a unique and special vibe, stand firm with that contagious joy,” he added.

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Reality boys shine together in Miami

They decided not to hide anymore, since Luciana Fuster was reunited with Patricio Parodi in the United States after having spent the New Year separately. It was the model who shared a video where she apparently suffered a mishap with her vehicle. In other Instagram posts you can see the companions of This is war enjoying the beaches of Miami, which would have been taken in the same place, since both uploaded the photos separately.

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Luciana Fuster was entertained with an expensive party, according to Brunella Horna

Brunella Horna pointed out during the last edition of + Shows on Friday, January 14, that Patricio Parodi would have spent between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars for Luciana Fuster’s ostentatious birthday celebration in a well-known nightclub in Miami, United States. “More or less, if you want to be in a box you have to book with a minimum consumption, more or less than 3,000 or 4,000 dollars,” he said.

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