Lucero says that she smears donkey milk to stay young and without wrinkles

Lucero She was caught at the airport with her boyfriend the businessman Michel Kuri, so the press could not miss the opportunity to interview them and learn a little more about the details of their solid romance, which was recently involved in rumors of breakup derived from the reality show “The Challenger“which culminated recently.

And it is that, as we will remember, Lucero was a judge next to ex-husband Manuel Mijares and Itatí Cantoral, so before the start of The Challenger, rumors began that possibly Michel Kuri was jealous that the america bride was next to Mijares and that this could lead to a new romance between the ex-partner.

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However, several people accused that these unfounded rumors only originated with the sole reason to generate expectation around a possible romance between the singer of “Electricity“and the soldier of love to attract the audience and that El challenger had more viewers tuning in to El Canal de las Estrellas.

Although few know that Manuel Mijares and Lucero are actually neighbors and live together all the time for the good of their children, Lucero mijares and Jose Manuel MijaresSo if they liked each other, they would have been back for a long time because they have always been close, however both have declared that they have a solid friendship and that they enjoy their company but not in a romantic way.

Lucero’s beauty secret to look young

Now, returning to the interview, Lucero was questioned about her beauty tricks to stay beautiful and with radiant skin to her 52 years old and the actress’s first response to “I am your master“was to affirm that she put donkey’s milk on her face to keep her beauty intact.

However, she later confirmed that her first comment was just lazy and that she actually thinks that Eating healthy and exercising do make a difference in terms of people’s appearance, so he recommended that people turn to healthier lifestyles.

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On other occasions, Lucero has commented that it is not only about dieting and exercise, but that you must have discipline and be constant as he affirms, being healthy is not an issue that occurs overnight, but it needs to be carried a regime of activities and food, although that does not mean that it has to stop being flexible.

On the contrary, according to the actress of “Tomorrow is Forever“It is about adapting physical activities and food to our lifestyle so that it is easy for us to adopt healthy habits, otherwise they can be abandoned at the first opportunity, so if something is too heavy, it can be omitted.

Finally, Lucero He has also recommended including yoga in the physical activities to be developed because it not only helps to keep the body healthy but also the mind, so, although it is not done daily, it is recommended that yoga activities are included from time to time.

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