Lucas Ilardo ceased to be the campaign manager of the Frente de Todos

“If I cling to some leaders or if we lock ourselves in, this ends up hurting Peronism. I talked about it with the mayors and they are going to do the same,” he explained and added: “Peronism is having a hard time in Greater Mendoza. We have a problem in Guaymallén due to terrible efforts we have had, we have to look inside and see how we are facing December “.

Lucas Ilardo, senator of the PJ.jpeg

Lucas Ilardo will no longer be local Peronist campaign manager after PASO 2021

But it was not the only reaction. In the analysis that was made after the elections, a large part of the defeat was also attributed to the National Government.

“The analysis we do is that The Argentine and Mendoza people told the National Government that the way out of the crisis has to be on gasoline and not on gas and that the best life must be accelerated. I believe that the president has understood it and I hope that the ministers also, “said Fernández Sagasti.

The national senator, who seeks to renew her bench, also added: “We have a national responsibility to improve the lives of Argentines, we have not been able to get Argentines to get the salary to go to the supermarket“, and argued that inflation has been above the increases and that this has been noticed mainly in Mendoza. The candidate for national deputy Adolfo Bermejo was on the same page.

“The important thing is to stand up quickly, see the adjustments that can be made and go out to talk to the neighbors,” explained Fernández Sagasti and argued that “life does not end on November 14. You have to correct and continue working to live a little better, “said the president of Mendoza’s justicialismo.

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