Love triangle? The alleged mess that outraged César Pinares and Martín Rodríguez

The rumor took over social networks on Tuesday night: an alleged love triangle would have alienated the footballers César Pinares and Martín Rodríguez.

The situation was posed in the following way: the players, teammates in the Altay Spor from Turkey, They would have distanced themselves because the former UC soccer player was linked to the former Colo Colo’s wife.

The peanut, which made fans will give their opinion on everything on platforms like Twitter, made both of them go out to defend themselves.

And they did it through their Instagram accounts, where they published extensive downloads and even announced legal actions.

The fury of César Pinares and Martín Rodríguez

Thus, Pinares wrote that “It is difficult to understand so much evil in some subjects, with the sole purpose of doing harm without caring about anything. Make up a lie to harm another person ”.

And added that “If there is something in the law that I can do so that it does not go unnoticed and they do not do it again with anyone else. They feel they have the right to kill a public person just because ”.

Meanwhile, Rodríguez complemented the indignation of his colleagues, expressing that “I don’t know why people believe something without even finding out first. Social networks have become a refuge for people who lead a life full of hatred inside ”.

The player added that “Envy has blinded them. The only thing I can say is that there is a judge upstairs who sees everything ”.

In this way, both César Pinares and Martín Rodríguez furiously denied the hood that shook the football world during the last hours. Where did it come from?

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