Los Tres, Francisca Valenzuela, Lucybell, Kramer and more: check here the end-of-year program of Parque Estéreo

The vaccination continues and with it, the live shows. Along this line, on October 31, the programming for the last part of the year will begin in a new entertainment center erected in Business City, in the commune of Huechuraba: it is about Stereo Park, an outdoor enclosure of 20 thousand square meters.

Giant screens, food and picnic areas, wheelchair and bicycle racks, plus recycling stations They are part of the attractions that the venue will have for attendees.

The first of the series of shows – and also the one that will end October – will be in charge of the cumbieros Halloween night, who will perform on stage on October 31st. On Thursday, November 4, it will be the turn of the tropical sound of Villa Cariño and his new formation, who will share the stage with Sondelvale. For November 12, indie rock and national pop will also have their space, with presentations by Camila Moreno, Drugs and Sweets and Agraz. On November 14, Manuel Garcia will be presented with a full band, and four days later it will be the turn of the legendary The three.

The programming of Parque Estéreo also includes a double show by the comedian and consolidated imitator Stefan Kramer, who will take the stage on days November 28 and December 2. The next day, December 3, it will be the turn of Stone Pig. On the 5th of the same the Chilean will play Francisca Valenzuela, who comes with new topics.

A show for children – and why not, also the nostalgic ones – will be the one that will present 31 minutes on December 8 and 12. And already in the middle of the month, one of the country’s historic rock bands will also perform: it is about Lucybell. And finally the programming ends with Veronica Villarroel.

Tickets will be on sale from this Wednesday, October 13, at 3 pm. And how the pandemic is not overTickets can only be purchased online, which will be numbered and nominative. In addition, it will be required valid mobility pass, in addition to the now classic mask.

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