Los Pulpos: the adapted tennis team adds more people

The Los Pulpos adapted tennis team project, since its inception, provides invaluable physical and emotional benefits to those who practice it and also to those who teach them, professors Mauricio Lezzieri and Federico Madariaga.

Now, thanks to the fact that the UTN gave the group six prototype chairs specially designed for the activity, the group has the possibility of inviting more people to join. Those who do it just have to really want to play.

The activity takes place at the University Club, with entrance on Calle San Juan, on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

Los Pulpos lend to those who join, people with motor disabilities, the chair and the racket.

Mauricio Lezzieri commented on this recent circumstance that allows them to make a call.

“Before we were more limited because we couldn’t offer chairs. More than anything, considering the people who do not use wheelchairs in their daily lives, such as amputees ”, he explained.

Then, through DUba, an agreement was signed between the UTN and the Industrial Park and these six chairs were received that allow athletes to continue practicing professionally and continue to grow.

Los Pulpos, August 2019.

“Recently three new members were incorporated, there are three or four who come and go, and a couple who had to suspend due to health issues. In total, there is a team of 7 or 8 people, with whom we carry out the activity ”, said Lezzieri.

The idea is to open the call so that more people can enjoy the benefits that physical activity brings to those who are in a wheelchair or have motor difficulties, which in itself makes them lead a more sedentary life.

“Almost all doctors recommend that they do physical activity. Not to mention the social benefit of doing an activity with people who are in the same conditions. It is a very productive and enriching experience that does them very well and us too ”, said the professor who, together with Federico Madariaga, its promoter, has been there almost from the beginning.

On the court, disability dissolves. The only thing that matters is hitting the ball, coordinating the racket with the movement of the chair, gaining speed, hitting the shot and positioning yourself.

The challenge is so great that one of its members from the first hour, Guadalupe Arceo, wondered at the beginning of the group: “How many arms do you need to do everything you have to do on the court? You have to be an octopus! ! ” And unintentionally, willingly, he baptized the team.

A flag that fills them with pride, identifies them and gives them great satisfaction.

“2020 we started in March and 20 days later we cut due to the pandemic. We wanted to go back in August and a wave arrived with more complications and some isolated by close contact ”, he commented.

This year, however, they come with continued meetings and added one day a week because of the enthusiasm the new group has.
They gave special thanks to the chair project coordinator, Dana Gallego, and the engineering and mechanics students, Carolina Salazar, Leon Moscovakis, Jonatan Raspante, Mauro Fernández and Elian Quiroga.

Based on this idea, we work in series in the manufacture of these wheelchairs.

DUba grows and thus also grows a more accessible Bay for people with disabilities.

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