López Obrador invites Quirino Ordaz, Sinaloa state president to his government

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced this Friday that he will invite the outgoing governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel (PRI), to join his government.

When leading the supervision of the construction of the Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa Dr. Rigoberto Aguilar Pico, the head of the federal Executive assured that the state president is a professional, a working man and with experience.

He informed that it will be next week when he will detail in which position Quirino Ordaz will be.

“I want to tell Sinaloans that I am going to invite them to participate in the government, they are going to help us in the government, the government represented by Governor Quirino Ordaz is going to participate, I am going to invite them to work with us.

“This is because he has done a good job in Sinaloa, he is a professional, he is a working man, he has experience and he is going to join, he is going to join our team to continue transforming our country, is what I wanted to inform you here in Sinaloa “.

A month and a half after Quirino Ordaz leaves the governorship of Sinaloa so that Rubén Rocha (Morena) takes office, President López Obrador assured that a “very important transition” is taking place in that state, and assured that the The new governor is a man with a lot of experience.

“I agree with Quirino that a very important transition is taking place in Sinaloa, because here in Sinaloa Quirino Ordaz ends, which I repeat has done a good job and the teacher Rubén Rocha will enter, who is a man with a lot of experience, who I know for a long time and that we are going to continue working together a favor, for the good of the people of Sinaloa, of Mexico of our homeland, thank you very much Rubén for being here with us, “he said.

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