Lopez Murphy’s votes are already trading “higher than bitcoin”

The meager electoral harvest achieved Leandro santoro in the PASO Buenos Aires have reduced intensity to the crack and the attractiveness for the November general elections will depend on the behavior of the voters of Ricardo López Murphy. Obviously Horacio Rodríguez Larreta He already went out to try to retain them for the ballot Maria Eugenia Vidal, while Javier Milei prepares to generate a leak for his space La Libertad Avanza.

“The only ones who can say enough to the K are us,” said yesterday the head of the Buenos Aires government with the aim of installing the “useful vote” and retaining those more than 196,000 voters who elected the Republican United ballot on Sunday, who are already a decisive treasure for the legislatures. Thats why he PRO accepted to modify the regulation that had been signed for the distribution of seats and that endangered the entry of López Murphy to the definitive list. If there had been no changes, with the numbers he achieved he was left out.

“Now what Ricardo He was third, we will surely retain all of his voters because they want him in Congress, ”they say in the larrerismo. They seek with a greater participation to reach 50%. They were two points away from that goal. That is why the former minister of Fernando De la Rua he is going to play a leading role in the campaign to contain his electorate. They will also ask the “hawk” Patricia bullrich to intervene in that containment work.

Javier Milei will try to keep López Murphy’s votes.

It is known that the president of the PRO has a close bond with the “bulldog” but at the same time maintains a good relationship with mercy. In his environment they say that in his presidential project he would like to have both economists.

The libertarian candidate, in turn, knows that among United Republicans voters he has a fertile field to advance but without aggressiveness. “We estimate that there will be a transfer of the vote of López Murphy, to a large extent it will depend on the strategy that we implement now, which should be very prudent ”, they say in the environment of mercy.

“We must discourage the call to vote against the K who are no threat in Capital and install the importance of giving more entity to our space so that it has more deputies and legislators,” they add.

The strategy will aim to attract those purest voters “by showing them that Ricardo enter the same but do not vote for a list with progressive people like Paula Olivetto, Carla Carrizo or Sabrina Ajmechet who are not liberal at all ”. The competition is just beginning.


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