Look at the curious presentation they made of Franco Pennacchiotti

By Fernando Rodriguez

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After passing through the Uruguayan basketball, Franco Pennacchiotti from Bahia will continue to play in Europe, more precisely in Ourense, a team that participates in the LEB Plata, third category in Spain.

In this way, the left-hander trained in Villa Miter, who was a Federal figure, after the Argentine League -inconclusive- and passed with great success through Peñarol de Mar del Plata in the National League, before playing in Uruguay, will have another important challenge ahead.

“I am very happy, because it is what I have been waiting for a long time. A little while ago, Italian citizenship came out, so now as a community the transition was made a bit easier,” Pennacchiotti (31 years old) told La Nueva.

“It is a very important club for the category, it was relegated last season of the LEB Oro, but the objective is to move up, so they let me know. The team was formed thinking about that which, added to the structure it has, attracted me I’m really looking forward to going and being able to live that experience, “added Franco, who will travel next week without his family, who would go between November or December.

The team is already in preseason.

Tomás Chapero (ex Bahía Basket) was also hired by Ourense, although he was transferred to AD Bosco Salesianos to play the EBA League, which would be the fourth division, while combining training with Ourense.

See how they introduced him to Pennacchiotti:

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