In the front of the Lonquimay Fire Department, La Araucanía region, various banners were placed where better conditions are demanded for firefighters.

The signs have slogans such as: “Dignity for Firefighters Volunteers“,” How many more winters? ” Among others.

This form of protest refers to the fact that A project to replace the headquarters has been underway since 2013 in Lonquimay.

Iván Betancur | RBB

Last April the RS resolution was achieved to build a Fire Department for the commune, in this case a building that has the capacity to house volunteers who are already 44 years old.

Due to this same issue, Firefighters traveled to the Temuco commune months ago to have an interview with the regional governor, Luciano Rivas, but it was not finally achieved.

Later it was indicated that the authority would have a conversation to see how this barracks could be advanced.

Volunteers from the Lonquimay Fire Department delivered a statement and stated that their postponement has been “an oversight on the part of the different authorities.”

It is important to note that in Lonquimay in winter up to 15 degrees below zero are recorded, and under these climatic conditions Lonquimayinos men and women try to keep the Fire Department alive, having to only carry out the minimum activities within the current Headquarters, being totally unworthy to maintain, for example, a night watch, which implies that the response to any emergency is much less effective, registering catastrophic emergencies for some members of the community ”, they stated.

For this reason, they wanted to express their discontent and discomfort for all these years. They do not rule out new demonstration measures until they get a favorable response.