Long-term help for the homeless, promises Projet Montreal

Valérie Plante asks the government of Quebec to join her team to develop a five-year plan dedicated to the situation of homelessness in Montreal. The head of Projet Montréal is committed to injecting $ 24 million into it over four years.

“As the Quebec government’s economic update approaches, I am asking it to make homelessness one of its priorities. We must give predictability to community organizations, social workers and people experiencing homelessness. We have to get out of piecemeal logic and stop moving vulnerable people from one resource to another, ”says Mr.me Plant. Over the next four years, the city’s mayor wants to double the investments dedicated to roaming. They will drop from 3 million to 6 million per year.

Valérie Plante is committed to developing 300 housing units per year during a possible mandate for people experiencing homelessness or at risk, with community support.

Projet Montréal reiterates its support for the opening of a shelter open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, specially designed for Indigenous people.

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