London Zoo: moving video of a baby tiger’s first steps

Filmed by the keepers of the London Zoo, this little feline, only one month old, ventured outside for the first time, still walking with a hesitant step but overcoming all obstacles in order to find his mother .

On January 12, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) team surprised the baby tiger as he was walking with an uncertain step outside in pursuit of his mother. The next day, the British capital’s zoo shared this moving video on social media.

“So far, the tiger cub has mostly been huddled with Gaysha, his mother, in his lair out of sight. But with the sunny weather on Wednesday January 12th, it’s clear that she decided it was time for her little one to take their first steps outside, ”said Kathryn Sanders, tiger guardian at the zoo. London. “We were holding our breath with excitement as the little one stumbled, using all his strength to climb up and join his mom,” she added.

He was brought into the world by 10-year-old tigress Gaysha on December 12, 2021, at London Zoo. Part of a litter of three, he is the only one to survive.

The endangered sumatra tiger

At present, the zoological park keepers have not yet given it a name. They will also know after his first check-up, which will take place in a few weeks, whether it is a female or a male.

This tiger cub belongs to a subspecies of tiger – namely the Sumatran tiger – which is critically endangered due to deforestation and poaching. Extremely rare, these tigers are, according to the latest figures, only 300 left in the wild, on their native island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

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