LoL World Championship 2021: difficult times for European teams

The League of Legends World Championship has been running since October 5th. The largest tournament in LoL eSport is currently in the group phase. The European representatives in particular are in a difficult position in the battle for the US $ 2.2 million prize pool.

So far, the favorites from Asia have dominated this year’s League of Legends World Cup.

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After a long back and forth (the tournament was originally supposed to take place in China), Reykjavik was chosen as the location again. The MSI was held at the same location in May.

The participants are made up of the best teams from 12 regions. Among the European representatives are two German organizations: Fnatic and the LEC winner MAD Lions.

German team is eliminated in the preliminary round

First the “Play-In” preliminary round was played, in which ten teams played in two groups to advance to the next round. The dominance of the Asian teams was already evident here.

The group winners were LNG Esports from China and DetonatioN Focus Me from Japan. LNG did not lose a game, DFM suffered a defeat. With this result, a representative from Japan has qualified for the group stage of the LoL Worlds for the first time.

Difficult group stage for Europe

In the group stage, which began on October 11th, the European teams are still struggling. Fnatic in particular have not really made it into the World Cup so far.

The organization lost both games in their Group C, including against the Chinese selection Royal Never Give Up, which is considered one of the favorites. With 0: 2, Fnatic are bottom of the group after the first matchday.

Even MAD Lions, around the German support Norman ‘Kaiser’ Kaiser, could not really take off. The first game against the international organization Team Liquid was lost. In the clash with Gen.G Esports, however, the Lions were able to win.

In Group D all teams are currently at 1: 1. The balanced relationship will dissolve no later than October 18, when the last day of the group stage takes place. The LoL World Championship runs until November 6th. The playoffs will start on October 22nd and the eight remaining teams will fight for the title.

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