Local tourism: hidden treasures in the heart of El Perdido, a few km from Bahia

Audionota: Romina Farías

La Flor del Perdido is a Rural and Community Tourism undertaking that brings together several providers from the town of El Perdido, in the district of Coronel Dorrego, a few kilometers from Bahía Blanca.

The circuit allows you to identify unmissable attractions such as the period house La Francisca, located almost in the heart of the town, half a block from the square.

It is a family house, formerly owned by the Muguerza / Echeondo family, with Basque roots that opens its doors to tell its rich history and host visitors.

La Francisca, the charm of an old house.

“The idea is that people who come to El Perdido, as is happening now, always find someone to receive them and show them the attractions of the place,” said Cali Peciña, Francisca’s great-grandson, who gives name to his current residence.

The name La Flor del Perdido, for its part, is due to the name of the old messenger and place of Don Fermín Muñoz, back in the middle of 1870. It is a tribute to that starting point of the town.

The group is also made up of the Lo del Tin Bar Museum, an old store that can be visited and exhibits historical objects, large collections worth seeing, attended by Eduardo V. García.

The Lo del Tin bar, open since 1918, exhibits collectibles and museum pieces.

It is also made up of the El Paraíso accommodation and two rural establishments: Los Vikingos (one with a Danish tradition) and La Alborada (11 km away) as well as La Francisca.

“We are aiming for a Rural Tourism to spend the day and we are coordinating how we are putting everything together according to the needs of the people,” said Peciña.

“The idea is to ask the recipient what they want to do, what their interests are, and also to focus on gastronomy, to incorporate dishes that have our olive oil in their recipes, to enhance the local heritage and at the same time that people you can take a product that identifies us to the people of Dorrega ”, he pointed out.

Accommodation El Paraíso.

In Los Vikingos they are already preparing a barbecue area equipped for gastronomic service and La Alborada is also preparing to offer this service.
The group is working with the Dorrego Tourism area to value more historical places and nature spots that the town offers so that people can know, appreciate and enjoy them.

For example, five blocks from the town there is a lagoon with many native fauna that is a paradise for bird watching and in just 40 minutes it is possible to reach La Escondida Waterfall, near Irene station.

La Escondida Waterfall.

Another attraction is the railway imprint, since the El Perdido railway station is in operation with freight trains.

“The Guisasola Station is the headquarters of La Agrupación Gaucha Los de Fierro and the Cultural Center of Coronel Dorrego, which offers the railway history of the town,” said the entrepreneur.

Motorcyclists at the Progreso Club.

A couple of weekends ago, a group of motorcyclists from Monte Hermoso contacted, they received them at the Bar Lo del Tin and then they had a barbecue in the park of La Francisca, where they parked their vehicles. In the afternoon, Peciña took them to see the Progreso Museum Club and told them the history of the Club.

A project with the endorsement of the Dorrego Tourism area

Luciana Álvarez, from the Coronel Dorrego Tourism area commented that the meetings with this rural tourism group began in 2019, with some interested in offering tourist services in El Perdido.

“The circuit that they propose, with mansions, museum bars and gastronomy is completed with the town’s own tourist attractions such as the Progreso Club Museum, green spaces, an aboriginal museum, the parish, a bird watching lagoon and a waterfall which is very close ”, he said.

The wetland, a few blocks away.

“We did a guided tour to start and support the group in winter holidays and it was great, obviously respecting the sanitary protocols and others, we received many people from Dorrego, Bahía Blanca, Tornquist and Punta Alta,” said the official.

People who want to do the circuit, can contact each other through the Facebook page La Flor del Perdido or call Carlos Peciña at 2932 492789.

“It was a wonderful experience. The group is active and super motivated for people to get to know and visit them ”, he highlighted.

He added that, from the Municipal Tourism area, they promote this type of projects that are framed within Rural and Community Tourism.

“At all times we support them with the technical advice of the Tourism team and when they have a proposal they consult us and we help them, we give them a hand so that they can carry out any type of activity,” he said.

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