Llugdar: “It is very important to accompany the process that will revalidate our leadership”

It was on the afternoon of this Thursday, at the intersection of routes 3 and 26 in Comodoro Rivadavia, where José Dante Llugdar, the Secretary General of the Hierarchical Petroleum Union of Southern Patagonia, valued the participation that the elections should have in the Institution this friday, november 26

The Celestial and White List of the Austral Patagonia Group, together with the Guild Brother de Base de Petroleros Privados Chubutense, led by their peer, Jorge ‘Loma’ Ávila, closed the electoral campaign together before a multitude of Workers who filled the roundabout which is an icon of hydrocarbon activity in the San Jorge Gulf Basin, where both are running for re-election, with a single list.

Present with him were the Deputy Secretary, Luis Villegas; the Trade Union Secretary, José Uribe; the Administrative Secretary, Carlos Díaz; the Secretary of Social Action, Elvio Pena; the Secretary for Records, Press and Propaganda, David Klappenbach; the Treasurer, Daniel Mancuello; the Prosecutor, Cristian Nieva and Members Javier Araneda and Bernabé Araujo.

Likewise, the Auditors Gloria Barrionuevo, Nelson Bravo, and José Mesa; the Body of Delegates of the Institution; the referent of the Argentine Austral Patagonia Group, Ignacio Vidal, in addition to the Team of Hierarchical Workers and those who make up the List that will compete this Friday in the elections.


“I want to thank the people of the province of Santa Cruz who came to accompany this event, Caleta Olivia, Pico Truncado and Las Heras, also the people of Río Gallegos, those of Río Grande in Tierra del Fuego who also came, like that of Sarmiento here in Chubut, and of course the people of Comodoro Rivadavia ”, said the union leader at the beginning of his speech.

And he added that “tomorrow (this Friday) although it is true that there will be a single list, it is important that each of us follow this process, because they are really going to revalidate both my leadership and that of Jorge Ávila and that is the commitment in which we need the accompaniment of each one of you in this important event ”.

“We have many things to talk to Jorge. Almost twelve years have passed since I have the responsibility of leading this Institution, where we go through different stages: good, regular and also the others that I do not remember, but I do remember the present in which today we can say that we have a National government that accompanies us with activity, with Work; and tell the people of San Antonio that we have not abandoned them and we are not going to abandon them, as we never did. That is a reality ”, he emphasized.

Llugdar remarked that from the moment he had the opportunity to accompany him to Ávila at the inauguration of the important Gymnasium that Petroleros Privados has at Kilometer 5 in Como, “it is also good to say that we here in the province of Chubut, as in the province of Santa Cruz, we mark a path that is first of all that of Work, of the trust that exists between our colleagues and the brotherhood between Base Workers and Hierarchics ”.

“With him (for Ávila) we set the course, there is no place for anything else. We are not enemies, we are partners, we are brothers. That is why we are going for another re-election ”, Llugdar closed, to the applause of the crowd in the hot afternoon of Como and surrounded by the Board of Directors of both Institutions.


For his part, Ávila gave a speech in which he thanked the Workers’ courage to move forward despite the pandemic, in the search for labor dignity to return to the previous situation, without forgetting the fights that are coming and the future Law of Promotion of Investments in the sector, pointing to the commitment that operators have to comply with labor guarantees.

“We went to the call that they signed, so in January we will go for the salary recomposition that the Oil Workers deserve, and it goes hand in hand with the Supervisors, Field Managers, Team Leaders who are Hierarchicals. Political power cannot be forgotten either, so we are going to knock on all the doors that are necessary ”, he determined.

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