Livia Brito shows off a waist and charms in white mini shorts

Livia Brito shows off a waist and charms in white mini shorts and makes it clear that on vacation you can also look your most beautiful. The actress continues to enjoy the success of her latest soap opera, the one that still promises great emotions.

The Cuban-born actress has added another success to her career, where hits such as “That I love you I love you”, “Italian girl comes to get married” and “Doctors, lifeline”. What Fernanda linares placeholder image, has empowered viewers with her intelligence and courage.

Livia Brito has one of the most envied figures in the world and recently, she boasts a girdle that she assures has helped her mark the abdomen area, reduce and maintain measurements, an article she shared with some of her colleagues from “The soulless”.

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The actress is very careful with her physique and is seen both in the soap opera and in her social media images, as her followers insist that she looks the most beautiful whatever she wears, a swimsuit, a dress and now some simple ones white shorts.

Livia Brito and her outfit to enjoy the holidays

It was a few hours ago when in the Livia Brito’s Instagram new images appeared from his most recent vacation. The actress had shared since her trip, one of the swimsuits she used and now, an ideal outfit to explore new places and enjoy the tropical climate.

For this occasion, the actress of “La desalmada” wore white shorts that highlighted her charms and a translucent pink shirt, showing that basic garments can also look elegant and fun when the wearer boasts natural beauty and self-love.

Livia Brito shared a reflection with the image, where she invited to enjoy life without expecting everything, something that her followers applauded while praising her pose.

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For now, Livia Brito continues promoting “La desalmada” and appreciates the public’s preference, since the story of Fernanda Linares placeholder image continues to break audience records.

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