Livia Brito captivates her fans and raises the temperature of the network

One of the telenovelas that is having the greatest success today is The soulless. It’s Mexican production premiered in July and tells the story of Fernanda linares placeholder image that after the murder of her husband during their wedding night she seeks revenge. However, the arrival of a handsome young man will change the plans of Fernanda and it will make you believe in love again.

One of the protagonists of the aforementioned strip is none other than the Cuban actress called Livia Brito who debuted on Mexican TV in 2010 when he played Fernanda sandoval in the soap opera Triumph of Love. From her personal life we ​​have to say that the beautiful Latina is the actor’s daughter Rolando Brito and the classical ballet dancer Gertrudis Pestana.

For his part, thanks to his great work on the strip Abyss of passion in 2012 it was featured in Magazine H for men and participated in the play The postman. Also in 2013 he has his first leading role in That I love you I love you, next to Juan Diego Covarrubias this being his third soap opera.

Clearly this great fame that he possesses Livia Brito is reflected in the social networks Since every time she shares something on her accounts, her followers react immediately with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments that praise how beautiful she is currently at 35 years old.

A clear example of this is a publication made by the actress from The soulless in your official account Instagram. There she can be worn in a white minishort that enhanced her figure. In addition to this photograph Livia added the following comment: “Let’s not wait for everything to be able to enjoy life my #BebeDeLuz, we already have life to be able to enjoy every moment!”.


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