Linguistic status of Montreal | A candidate leaves Mouvement Montréal

Jean-Pierre Boivin, candidate for the Champlain Île-des-Sœurs district, announced on Wednesday that he was leaving Mouvement Montréal to run as an independent, due to the referendum proposed by the leaders on the linguistic status of the metropolis.

“I cannot accept that the leader Balarama Holness proposes, if elected, a referendum in order to make Montreal a bilingual city”, specified Mr. Boivin, by way of press release. The latter says that “the bond of trust” that existed between Mr. Holness and him is now broken.

On Tuesday, Mouvement Montreal leader Balarama Holness announced plans to hold a public consultation for a referendum on Montreal’s official languages. Mouvement Montréal did not respond to an interview request from Press.

A “support” more than a merger

Jean-Pierre Boivin specifies that this announcement goes against his deep “values”, as well as those of Ralliement pour Montréal, which he joined at the start. This party of Marc-Antoine Desjardins merged with that of Mr. Holness, Mouvement Montreal, at the end of September. In this regard, Mr. Boivin argues that this change looks “more like a takeover” than a merger.

The day after this union of the two parties, Jean-François Cloutier, who was to run for mayor of Lachine for Ralliement pour Montréal, slammed the door. From the same training, Brigitte Lamoureux, who was running as a municipal councilor in this district, also left the race.

Mr. Cloutier then underlined the differences between the two parties on the linguistic issue, since Mr. Holness was in favor of a bilingual status for Montreal, while Mr. Desjardins advocated the defense of French.

With this merger, Mouvement Montréal presents 74 candidates, while the total number of positions stands at 103.

With Henri Ouellette-Vézina and Isabelle Ducas. Press

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