Lila Downs and Kate del Castillo test positive for COVID-19

The number of COVID-19 infections continue to rise, and the artistic union is not saved from the situation, now those who have announced that they are in isolation recovering from the virus, are the singer Lila Downs and the actress Kate del Castillo.


“Well, now if the chahuistle fell on me! I tested positive for Covid! Also Beni, Vane and Paul are sick. Thank God and the universe we are in recovery with less severe symptoms“Lila wrote on her Instagram account, where you can see a photo of her lying on her bed.

Mané de la Parra and Juan Manuel Bernal reacted to this publication, the latter told him that he was going through the same thing, but that at home they had done a traditional remedy to face the “bug” with more energy and expressed his admiration and respect.

INSTAGRAM / @ katedelcastillo

“Yes. We tested POSITIVE for COVID-19. In recovery. It’s a blessing to be with my best friend @jessimaldonadotv and #loladelcastillo who also contracted the virus (my dog, how funny, huh) We stay super strong!”, is how Kate del Castillo made her contagion public.

Friends like Juan Ríos, Fabiola Campomanes and even PETA Latin America wished him a speedy recovery. It should be remembered that both Kate and the rest of her family have refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and have resorted to alternative therapies, as Erik del Castillo himself declared this morning on the “Venga la Alegría” program.

“We are fine thanks to the alternative medicine that exists, we are healthy. I want to do a test not because I doubt my health but to tell many people: I am healthy! Point. They are not messing with me anymore,” said the actor.

The actor added that due to constant questioning about his position of not getting vaccinated, has lost job opportunities because people don’t want to hire him.

“I am not against the vaccine and I must admit that thanks to the vaccine deaths have decreased, please get vaccinated We feel that we do not need it, that it be understood that there is freedom, or if there is not, then the chin has already taken us … “, he expressed.




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