Liguilla del Ascenso minute by minute: Santiago Morning and Deportes Temuco are already playing in La Pintana!

The League for promotion on the First B They play this Thursday, November 25 and the participating teams start with the illusion of keeping the ticket to the great definition against the team of First division that remains in the promotion area.

The actions began at the Municipal Stadium of La Pintana, the venue that hosts the first leg match between Santiago Morning and Sports Temuco, where the “Microbuseros” seek to give the first blow as a local and the “Pije” the surprise as a stranger.

The “Chago” earned his place in the Liguilla after finishing in fourth place in the league table. First B, while the team of Marcelo Salas placeholder image finished in third place in the regular phase after the good rebound they had in the last days of the tournament.

Santiago Morning and Temuco met on the last date of the regular phase

Later, Sports Puerto Montt will receive Sports Copiapó in Chinquihue, a clash in which they will seek to take advantage of the fatigue that the players of the northern team could have after the long journey they had to make to reach the Los Lagos Region.

The “Dolphins” were the last to make it into the postseason after finishing in fifth place, beating by one unit. Sports Santa Cruz. For its part, the “León de Atacama” fought for the title with Coquimbo Kingdom, but will have to settle for seeking promotion through the League and subsequent definition against the team of First division finish in fifteenth place.

On the other hand, both Second leg matches will take place next Wednesday, December 1, date in which Temuco will be local in Germán Becker and Copiapó will do the same in Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla.

The programming and live of the Liguilla for the promotion in the First B

  • Santiago Morning 0-0 Temuco | LIVE | Municipal of La Pintana | Stream TNT Sports.
  • Puerto Montt vs Copiapo | 20:30 hours | Chinquihue | Broadcasts TNT Sports.

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