LG: from the smart home to connected mobility

2021 was hectic for LG. It was thought that it would surprise with a cell phone that, instead of folding, would roll up. However, in April of that year, the company confirmed that it would stop participating in the mobile telephony sector; he indicated that his resources would be focused on other growing technology sectors. So where is the South Korean currently headed?

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Daniel Aguilar, Director of Communication at LG Electronics Mexico, declares that the firm is one of the few companies that reveals its medium and long-term vision, which has to do with user mobility.

“We are already very well positioned in people’s homes, we already have our products there. The question is: how are we going to accompany them out of their homes?”, reflects the director.

He adds that one answer is the concept car they presented at CES 2022, LG OMNIPOD, which seeks to erase the difference between home and car by making use of the ThinQ artificial intelligence platform. Thus, the vehicle can recognize people —know who will enter—, respond to the different requirements of users through its digital assistant —from displaying real-time video of the road to changing a reservation in the event of an unforeseen event— and continue with the playback of the content that was being viewed from the comfort of the room.

“The diversification that we are looking for goes in the direction of mobility and what we present as a concept car is nothing more than our medium-term vision of what we imagine so that users leave their homes and move to any place without losing this relationship with their home and with all its benefits”, emphasizes Aguilar.

He adds that another of the company’s great intentions is to consolidate the technologies that in the last two years have been “very favored” by consumers, from everything related to appliances to, of course, smart TVs.

“The third quarter of last year was the best in sales in history [de LG], and it was the white line division that sold the most. This has been pushing the company hard”, he reiterates.

Regarding screens, Aguilar argues that it seeks to massify and put OLED technology to compete in a much more important way. The 2022 C2 series will contribute to this, since it starts with 42-inch models (the largest is 83 inches), in addition to retaining all the benefits of large-format Smart TVs, such as those dedicated to gamers and that have to do with audio.

The ThinQ platform will continue to be “the bridge” of connection and link between LG’s different connected products, in the words of the manager, which also poses another challenge: “This year’s main challenge is that all people, regardless of their experience technology, they can use artificial intelligence without having a hard time, which will also be a great differentiator so that they prefer us over other brands”.

At CES 2022, the South Korean brand also turned heads with monitors for those who work from home (DualUP), indoor gardening devices (tiiun), more new home appliances and the consolidation of its line of equipment for gamers (UltraGear). That is to say, it continues with its consolidation within the home, however, it also made its intention in the mobility segment clear. We will see how the line between these two spaces blurs.

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