Leticia Huichaqueo declared and excused herself, she pointed to Adrián López



Before the allegations, the former family minister Leticia Huichaqueo, asked to testify before the court made up of judges Jorge Novarino, Miguel Caviglia and Fabio Monti. He did it to clarify his relationship with Adrián López, who at that time was one of his closest collaborators.

He said he needed to clarify that “Adrián López He was not acting on my express instructions. I was in Comodoro Rivadavia and he couldn’t control the trucks going in and out. That is why I gave him the indication to take care of the logistics and recommended that he be neat in his duties, taking into account the chaos that was going on. “

“In those days most of the time I was in Comodoro Rivadavia. I only came to a meeting in Rawson called by the governor, and I returned to work in the crisis committee that worked in that city, headed by the lieutenant governor. I was not there. in conditions from that city to control the movement of the trucks. For that, López stayed in Rawson “, clarified the former official.

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