Leticia Calderón manages that her children receive the first dose of anti-Covid vaccine

Mexico City.- The actress Flights Calderón was captured with her children in the Mexico City International Airport arriving from a flight from USA.

The artist confirmed that her trip to this destination was due to the need to immunize your children against Covid-19. “It was the main thing, that they be vaccinated so that they can go to school in person … the second (dose) we have to go back ”.

In addition, Calderon He stated that the father of his children was always willing to give him the necessary permissions so that he could carry out this action.

It was something that did not have the power of attorney, and then the notary could not go, but Juan was always in a position to give us the power of attorney “

He pointed out.

Willingness to take their children to their father

In the same way, the actress said she had the best disposition to take her children to see their father in jail. “Of course! Of course! I have always been in the best disposition to take them when asked, suddenly he talks on the phone, I say it’s not that easy I think.”

Nevertheless, Flights He expressed little interest when he heard that a series was being planned on the life of his ex-partner. “With all due respect, I think there are much more interesting lives, really, as the project approaches, we already see it.”

On the other hand, Luciano, youngest son of Flights and Juan, He confessed that he is currently only in love with an actress and so he shouted from the rooftops: “Marjorie de Sousa and the others have already left … I love her with all my heart, I am taking her to the end of the world! “

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